Sunday, 22 June 2008

Shaken into Reality

Shaken into Reality
And there it was…
A tense monotonic silence louder than I had ever witnessed before, shaking the bed below my body.
5.6 on the Richter scale.
Such a trivial event in world news.
Still; the moment the ground moves below our feet, is the moment I reflect reality. Understandably.
So here I sit and write, (completely in control of my every thought) about where I sat in a room so out of control; and pondered the fragility of life.
I shuck to the beat, a metronome of faultless rhythm, so bizarre it rocked me into terror. With every tremor expressions died, cracked like the ground, into a state of distress and utter confusion. An expression too vulnerable for comfort, from those whose position in my life is to protect.
In just a few seconds we were back to reality. Confusion, excitement, amusement. But as the floor remained firm, a flaw became clear; our helplessness to world disaster.
Strange it seems- how something so minor had the ability to shake me into a new notion; where, for those few seconds, existence seemed a novelty.
(March 08)

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