Saturday, 21 June 2008

Nov 2007

One touch
…And I’m lost

One word
…Then I’m found

Everything’s perfect
But inside I’m drowned?

This was a dream
One worth too much
A second of difference
So desperate to touch

There is no right
Could I be wrong?
My mirrors reflection
Refracting a song

One note
…And I’m lost

One more
…Then I’m found

What if wrong could be right?
What if silence were sound

(Nov 2007)

A Dance in the Past

Let’s go fishing for a dream
The kind that once was real
The mist of stage steam
And music you could feel

Let’s go floating into memories
The kind that hold you forever
The shine of sequined glows
…Alluring velvet feather

Let’s go find where photo’s happened
The kind we frame to treasure
The butterflies stealing our stomach
A thrill
Too much to measure

Let’s go back and feel the music
The kind that held routines
The spotlight burning through our eyes
…Endearing audience screams

Let’s sit back and join the audience
A performance of perfection
The stage no longer mine
…Facing the wrong direction

Let’s pirouette into the past
A dance to end the years
The bulb-lit mirrors reflect the magic
Washed out through time and tears