Sunday, 5 June 2016

In Denial

Where is the way out? I didn't ask to be here. How do I get through this? This is not what I was anticipating. And will it be worth it at the other side? If you will not be waiting.
I thought we still had so much left to see, didn't we? I thought I was helping steer the ship. Did it get too deep? Or did I sleep? I didn't see you steer it off course. I was too busy being happy. Oh it's a dream, I'm watching from above. Don't let me sleep too long, my love.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Handmade Trust

You sewed me a jacket of confidence, 
you weaved me a blanket of trust, 
then torn them off and stripped me bare
and left me amongst the dust.
I gave you a light for your tunnel, 
I gave you my hand to hold,
then you switched the light from within me 
and left me out in the cold

Loving Another

Here is my heart, would you like to meet it? 
Here are my feelings I'll lend them to you. 
Here is my soul I can see you will treasure it. 
There goes my layers, I've peeled back for you. 
Here is my loyalty, my passion, my spirit, share it with me we will make something new. An infinity rock, what will the future bring? Entangled in love, let's plan everything! I Strengthen your weaknesses, you cradle my flaws. 
I can feel my friendship locked safe inside yours. What a lot we went through, in our love I was basking. 'She's just a friend why do you keep asking!?' I saved your life, I helped you see light, now my body has gone into fight or flight. 
You gave me your heart i was proud to wear it.  
I gave you mine to just rip up and tear it. 
All those beautiful shared moments together in bed. 
Whilst you were loving another instead

Microscopic Love

I'll be your Moss Piglet and you be my Tardigrade
We can sneak through the undergrowth
to the Mirco-Parade

Plenty Of Fish

1st January 2016 Yes indeed it's true, there's plenty of Fish in the Sea The day I remember most was when the Leafy Sea Dragon was introduced to me. We rode the waves, we travelled high, we saw the world from above. 
Though winter froze the waters, we continued to fall in love. A wonderful journey we danced together, 1 month and 1 year. 
You made me feel like I really mattered, even when you were nowhere near. Not once did I look at the other fish, I was proud of you and me. Just Natty Pie and ******** and a catfish called Dolly. Summer's end brought darker waters, it seems we lost our way. 
And I just wasn't strong enough to pull you through all way. Now I'm lost deep in the ocean, treading water helplessly.....
For the one little fish I chose to swim with is somewhere lost at sea

The grass is always greener

I want you by side For the sky is our umbrella I was meant to share it with you
I want you by my side This is my life and it's yours And it's ours and it's everyone's for I can do everything oh what a wonderful ride When you're by my side.

I Am A Shell (A difficult time, January 2016)

I am a shell, empty inside My legs are taking me on a ride Pretending to be who I used to be Seeing the people I used to see Playing the music I used to hear But the beat doesn't move me There's no body here I am a shell, the smile isn't true Are you talking? I'll answer, if expected too. These people they mock me They don't see my side With each word they say I'm decaying inside. I am a shell, can you not see She has the support, there's no one for me. I need you back with me I need them to know It's hurts without you Doesn't anyone know?