Friday, 3 June 2016

Loving Another

Here is my heart, would you like to meet it? 
Here are my feelings I'll lend them to you. 
Here is my soul I can see you will treasure it. 
There goes my layers, I've peeled back for you. 
Here is my loyalty, my passion, my spirit, share it with me we will make something new. An infinity rock, what will the future bring? Entangled in love, let's plan everything! I Strengthen your weaknesses, you cradle my flaws. 
I can feel my friendship locked safe inside yours. What a lot we went through, in our love I was basking. 'She's just a friend why do you keep asking!?' I saved your life, I helped you see light, now my body has gone into fight or flight. 
You gave me your heart i was proud to wear it.  
I gave you mine to just rip up and tear it. 
All those beautiful shared moments together in bed. 
Whilst you were loving another instead

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